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Prices & Specifications

Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. All orders will be invoiced at prices prevailing at time of shipment. While tariffs have been added, prices do not include any local, state or federal taxes.

Returns & Refunds

Returns and refunds are accepted under conditions stated here. All products are non-returnable and nonrefundable thirty days after shipment. Approved returns will require written approval by manufacturer, distributor, and or seller. Any installed and used shop equipment, accessories, supporting and installation materials are non-returnable and nonrefundable. Transportation and installation services are nonrefundable.


Undelivered order cancellations out of our inventory, paid at list price are accepted without penalty. However, cancellations on factory orders, accessories, deliveries, installations, products, services, or materials are subject to 20% restocking fee. Delivered order cancellations will be charged 20% restocking fee, plus both delivery and return shipping and handling costs. Customer must pay both delivery and return freight costs on cancelled orders in transit. Additional costs to buyer may be deemed necessary depending on circumstances. Seller reserves the right to add reasonable circumstantial costs related to cancellations as deemed necessary.


When problems occur with transportation, products, or installation services we do our best to solve them to our customers satisfaction as quickly and efficiently as possible, however since many of our products are imported adequate time must be allowed to receive repair, or replacement parts, or supplies as required by circumstances. Please see warranty for more information.


See our warranty page for further information

Freight damage & missing parts

Insignificant damage that does not negatively affect the operation of equipment including scratches, dents, and surface discoloration, or light surface rust on unprotected surfaces, may be incurred during transit. Such damage is not covered by warranty. Since many of our products are imported adequate time must be allowed for us to receive repair, or replacement parts from the factory. Please see warranty for more information.

Scheduling deliveries

Deliveries will be scheduled only after order is paid in full, and products have been entered into our warehouse inventory.

Scheduling installations

Installations are paid in full, in advance. Installations are scheduled on a first-paid, first served basis

Sales tax

Sales tax is based on point of sale location, which is charged at 9.2%.

Out of state customers & sales tax

Interstate sales are considered out of state sales, so sales tax will not be added to purchases delivered out of state. All orders picked up at our Arlington WA. warehouse or delivered in-state will be charged appropriate sales tax.

Delivery / Installation Agreement

Please read this document, it includes information you need to know before ordering. Thank you.

Need Delivery or Installation?

We offer free local delivery within 25 miles of our Arlington WA warehouse. If you are located outside our 25 mile radius (Arlington WA. 98223), please call us for a low-cost freight rate.

Local installation services are available. Call us Monday - Friday, 8AM to 5PM Pacific Time to schedule your installation.

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