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We offer installation services for Olympic lifts within approximately 300 miles. Typical car lift installations require a minimum of two trained men approximately one workday to complete.

Call us for exact installation costs for the lift you choose. Understandably, site conditions, long-distance travel time, and unforeseen circumstances may add to the cost of installation services.

Most lifts will require up to five gallons of Olympic AW-32 Hydraulic Oil. Hydraulic oil is considered an accessory so it is not included with your lift. If you want us to supply oil for your lift please remember to make it part of your order. Hydraulic oil can be delivered with your lift at time of local delivery or installation.

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Our Goal

By offering installation services, our goal is to provide our customers with the best experience, value, and service possible. Additionally, many safety concerns can be avoided when trained professionals install such heavy equipment as car lifts. While every company needs to make a profit, including us, we purposely keep installation costs as low as possible for these reasons.


Payment for your purchase, transport costs if any, and installation must be made in advance of scheduling any installation. Our installers do not accept payment for services under any circumstances.

Site Evaluations

Conditions vary from site to site, which we will want to be prepared for before in advance of scheduling your installation. For these reasons we will ask customers desiring installation services to provide us with site details whenever there is any question about your approach or installation site.

Minimum Requirements

Minimum requirements can vary between the type of lift being installed. For example, a portable lift may not be secured to the floor so minimum requirements are considerably less stringent than 2-post lifts must be properly secured to the floor. Moreover, minimum substrate requirements are considerably more important for a 2-Post lift than a 4-Post Lift.

Only reinforced concrete floors in sound condition are acceptable for two-post vehicle lifts. A minimum of 4"-6" of reinforced concrete is recommended for any 2-post lift installation. It would be unsafe to install or use a vehicle lift on soil or gravel for any reason!

Portable lifts: 2"- 4" of concrete is recommended for mobile lifts. Vehicles must not be loaded on any portable lift when it is moved. Portable lifts should never be placed on or transported over any unsound surface.

​2-Post Lifts: Minimum of 4" of reinforced concrete in sound condition is required for 2-post lifts. Lift bases must be positioned a minimum of 12" from any joint or visible crack.

4-Post Lifts: Minimum of 4" of reinforced concrete in sound condition is required for 4-post lifts. Secured lift bases must be positioned a minimum of 12" from any joint or visible crack.

Floor Suitability & Condition

Responsibility for establishing acceptable condition and suitability of any floor for installation of a vehicle lift rests entirely on the purchaser or property owner. Safety and liability are serious concerns so please consider all possibilities before moving forward with your purchase and installation.

Safety must come first! If you have any reason to suspect the condition of your floor may be unacceptable, or unsuitable for the lift you wish to install, we strongly recommend considering a 4-post lift rather than a 2-post lift to improve safety.

Before installation you will be asked to sign a waiver attesting to the fact that you have confirmed the acceptable condition and suitability of your floor for the installation of a vehicle lift or shop equipment, and that you take full responsibility for any failures, damages, losses, or injuries that may occur from the failure of your floor to provide a sound substrate for the installation of your lift.

Cancelled Scheduled Installations

Understandably planning, preparation, loading time, and travel can be time-consuming and costly. In addition to establishing the condition of the floor, the appropriate space available, including width, length, and height, for the installation of the lift should be seriously considered in advance of scheduling an installation.

OUR POLICY: In the event our installers arrive at the installation site only to find conditions unacceptable or unsuitable for any reason they deem to be valid, a minimum of one-half the pre-paid cost of installation services, plus travel costs, tax included, will be retained to cover these costs, with the remainder being credited to the customer.


Electrical work is NO part of our installation services. Our installers do not do electrical work of any kind. Only licensed electricians and property owners, where authorized, may do electrical work. Improper or unlicensed electrical installations voids all warranties.

SPECIAL NOTE: Your device will require final adjustment at the time of installation. Customers must have complete electrical service in place and completed before scheduled installation date. ONLY LICENSED ELECTRICIANS AND HOMEOWNERS CAN DO ELECTRICAL WORK AND MAKE CONNECTIONS. If you plan to use an electrician you must have the electrician scheduled to be present to make electrical connection while installers are still present so your device can be properly adjusted. Shop equipment devices require final adjustments to operate to full potential. When no electrician, or sufficient electrical power has been provided by Customer to complete the installation of a device, or to make final adjustments, TSC employees will be required to return later as a Service Call to complete installation services. Service Calls are pre-billed to Customer: $100 Service Arrival Fee, plus $99 per hour, per person for labor, plus materials.  

Need Delivery or Installation?

We offer free local delivery within 25 miles of our Arlington WA warehouse. If you are located outside our 25 mile radius (Arlington WA. 98223), please call us for a low-cost freight rate.

Local installation services are available. Call us Monday - Friday, 8AM to 5PM Pacific Time to schedule your installation.

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